Version history

The changes you make to your template are automatically saved in the background. Sometimes you may wish to revert the template to a state that existed before making changes. In order to do this, go to Version history.

Restoring to an older version

In the Version history, you can see all the changes to the template up to 6 months ago. Restore points are clustered in 15-minute windows, so if you make changes to a template within that time period, it will be shown as a single restore point. Simply click "Restore" to restore an older version of the template. You can delete a restore point by clicking "Delete".

Draft mode

Whenever you make changes to a template, it is automatically saved. This may become a problem if you are already using the template within an automation task (bulk generation, shareable forms, API, Zapier), as the task might use the template while you are editing it, resulting in incorrectly generated renders.

Using draft mode will prevent this from happening. Automation tasks will not use a draft version of a template, but rather the state of the template before it was in draft mode. As soon as you exit draft mode, automation tasks will use the current version again.

To enter draft mode, click the pause button in the Version history window. Click it again to exit draft mode.

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