The timeline

Changing between video and image mode

Creatomate's template editor supports both video and image templates. The "Animate" switch in the top bar lets you select between the two output formats.

How to arrange elements

Drag and drop an element anywhere on the timeline to rearrange it.

Changing the duration

Compositions can be stretched or shortened by dragging the slider on the Timeline ruler. Making elements as long as the composition will cause them to stick together.

How to align elements

Whenever you drag an element, it automatically aligns with nearby elements as well as the playhead. Holding down the Control key will disable this.

If you hold down the Alt key while dragging, the element aligns in 0.1 second increments, making it easier to align elements precisely. This also works for the playhead.

Setting the playhead at a specific time

Change the current playhead time by clicking the time indicator and entering a new value. To finish, click away or press Enter.

Copy and paste elements

To copy and paste elements, right-click the element and choose Copy (Control + C), followed by Paste (Control + V). When pasting from another browser tab, choose Paste from Clipboard instead.

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