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Automatically generate captivating Instagram Reels using an API. Make short-form videos to promote your products or services, share helpful tips, interesting facts, inspiring quotes, and more. With just a few lines of code, create hundreds of auto-generated Instagram Reels using Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, or C#.
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How to Create Instagram Reels using an API?

To create Instagram Reels using Creatomate's API, start by setting up a video template. Then, invoke the REST API and provide the desired content to be inserted into the template, such as captions, images, videos, audio clips, and more. Here's a brief overview of how it works:

Design an Instagram Reels template

The first step is to create a template that will serve as the base for all your videos. Within this template, you can specify the elements you wish to customize for each video, such as text and media. These placeholder elements will be automatically replaced with other content using the API integration in the next step.

There are many pre-made templates available, but you can also design your own using the online editor. The editor provides lots of customization options, enabling you to create video designs that perfectly align with Instagram's style and meet your specific needs.

curl -s -X POST \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer Your-API-Key' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-binary @- << EOF
  "template_id": "Your Instagram Reels Template ID",
  "modifications": {
    "Question": "What gets sharper the more you use it? 🤔",
    "Answer": "Your brain. 🧠 ",
    "Video": ""

Set up the API integration

Once your template is ready, you can create Instagram Reels using the API. The REST API can easily be invoked by programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#, making it a flexible solution for developers.

The process is straightforward - just send a single POST request. Within this request, provide the template ID along with the text and media you want to insert. In response to your request, you'll receive a URL where you can find the generated Reel.

Automatically generate Instagram Reels

It's as simple as that! Whatever type of Instagram Reels you want to create, the API offers an automated solution. Whether you're a developer or have one on your team, integrating the API into your software application is a straightforward task. Just follow this guide, and you'll be up and running in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I create Instagram Reels using an API?

Creating Instagram Reels with an API is simple. Begin by designing a template in the editor, which will serve as the foundation for all your videos. Then, use the REST API to insert text, captions, images, and video clips into that template, enabling you to create unique Reels.

What types of Instagram Reels can I create with the API?

You can create Instagram Reels for a variety of purposes, such as promoting eCommerce products, showcasing real estate listings, and sharing tips, facts, or quotes. The possibilities are endless, as long as the design fits within a template.

How long does it take to set up?

If you have a basic understanding of APIs and are familiar with programming languages like Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, or C#, you can integrate it into your own software in just 10 minutes. Check out this guide to help you get started.

What's the best API to create Instagram Reels?

In our opinion, Creatomate stands out as the top choice for creating Instagram Reels. Its online editor allows you to customize video designs according to your specific needs. You can then use your preferred programming language to generate Instagram Reels directly from your software application. To compare Creatomate with other video generation APIs available on the market, you can check out this article.

Can I use Creatomate for more than creating Instagram Reels?

Absolutely! Creatomate is a video and image automation platform that helps you auto-generate videos, images, and banners for various marketing purposes, such as social media, eCommerce, advertising, personalization, and more. Developers can integrate with the API, while marketers and non-technical users have the option to use no-code solutions including the Zapier integration, the spreadsheet method, and the form feature. Take a look at our step-by-step tutorials to discover the possibilities and get started in minutes.

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