Pen tool

The pen tool allows us to draw and edit custom vector shapes.

Create a shape with straight lines

Enter Pen tool mode by clicking the Pen tool icon or pressing P on your keyboard. Then click anywhere on the canvas to draw your shape. Click the starting point to close the path or press Escape to leave the path open.

Create a shape with smooth lines

You can draw a Bézier path by clicking and holding the mouse button as you place your points.

Inserting points

Start by double-clicking the element to enter editing mode, and then click anywhere on the path to insert points. Hold the mouse button to move the point immediately.

Move a single control point

The control points are linked by default. If you want to move just one control point, hold the Alt key while dragging.

Removing points

The currently selected point can be removed by pressing Delete on your keyboard.

Opening a path

Open up the path by selecting a point and pressing Alt + Delete on your keyboard.

Appending a path

Appending points to an open path can be done by clicking the Pen tool icon and then clicking one of the open ends. To close the path, click the other open end or press Escape to keep it open.

Converting points

Double-click any point to convert it from straight to smooth or vice versa.

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