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Automate and scale your marketing by setting up a Zap that auto-generates images for social media, e-commerce, personalization, and various other purposes. With Zapier's support for over 5000+ apps, you can always build an image generation workflow tailored to your specific needs.
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How to Create Images with Zapier

With Creatomate's Zapier integration, you can quickly and easily set up an automated workflow that generates any kind of marketing images you need. The process is simple: just create a template that defines your image design, then use data from any source to generate hundreds of variants. Below is a brief overview of how to create images with Zapier and Creatomate.

Create an image template

The first step in automating marketing images is to create a template. There are many ready-made templates to choose from, both static and animated, which can be used for various use cases. However, you can also create your own image designs using the online editor.

Within your template, you can mark certain elements, such as text and images, as dynamic placeholders. You can then set up a Zap to automatically insert dynamic content into these placeholders.

01Spring SaleImage 1#4980f1
02Summer SaleImage 2#4980f1
03Autumn SaleImage 3#4980f1
99Holiday SaleImage 99#4980f1

Add Creatomate to your Zap

Every Zap starts with a trigger, followed by one or more actions. You can then use data from one of these apps, like titles and photos, to populate the dynamic elements of your template for automatic creation of unique visuals.

To create images using Zapier, add the Creatomate app with the Create Single Render event to your Zap. Then, select your template from step one and map any data you wish to use in your visuals.

Create marketing images automatically

It's as simple as that! With support for over 5000+ apps, you can use the tools that best suit your needs. For example, you can set up a Zap that automatically generates images when a new product is added to your Shopify store, when a new row is added to Google Sheets or Airtable, or when a new subscriber is added to Mailchimp, just to name a few. And as soon as the images have been generated, you can share them on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, email them, and save them in Google Drive, among other options.

Take a look at our step-by-step Zapier tutorials, which cover use cases such as real estate listings, e-commerce products, customer reviews, quotes, and much more, to help you set up your own image automation workflow in minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create images with Zapier?

Creatomate's Zapier integration makes it easy to create images. First, you need to design a template that serves as the foundation for your visuals. Then, you can connect any data source to generate new and unique images.

How long does it take to set up?

Zapier workflows can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. To help you get started, we have written several step-by-step tutorials.

What kind of marketing images can I create using Zapier?

As long as the design fits into a template, you can create almost any kind of image. Most often, it's used for social media, advertising, or email personalization, serving industries like real estate, e-commerce, travel, automotive, and more.

Can I also create videos using Zapier?

Definitely! Creatomate is also a video generation API, so you can generate both videos and images with it. It's just as easy to automate videos with Creatomate's Zapier integration as it is to automate images.

What’s the best tool to create images with Zapier?

We believe that Creatomate stands out as the top image and video generation API available today. It gives you all the tools you need to effortlessly create marketing visuals of various types. One of its features is a user-friendly Zapier integration. Additionally, Creatomate offers a template editor equipped with all the necessary features to generate high-quality image and video banners. Check out this article for a comparison with other tools.

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