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Creatomate allows you to create a template in the editor, then automate it using automation tasks. This approach is usually sufficient, but there may be situations in which you need more control than what the template system can provide. Perhaps you would like to create highly dynamic videos or images that go beyond replacing a few elements in a template, as if you were composing a render entirely from scratch.

For these use cases, we provide a method for generating videos and images from plain text JSON. It describes how the render should look from start to finish, much like a playbook. There is an entire section in the documentation devoted to describing this format in detail.

In the template editor, click the Source Editor icon (or press F12 on your keyboard) to open the source editor, which lets you edit the source directly and see the changes in real-time. Then, after you have gotten familiar with the script format, generate it dynamically with any tool or programming language you're comfortable with, and send it through our API to have it rendered.

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