Getting started

Welcome to Creatomate

Creatomate is a cloud-based service for automated video and image generation. It provides a complete toolkit for both technical and non-technical people to generate media at scale.

Bulk generation enables you to create dozens of videos and images quickly – it's as easy as filling out a spreadsheet. Our Zapier no-code integration allows you to automate your video and image creation process completely hands-free, with over 5,000+ apps supported. And if you're developing a software product and want to create videos and images on demand, we provide a powerful API and scripting language to do so.

You can create your own templates using the template editor. Along with the methods mentioned above, you can also share your templates through shareable forms, so anyone can generate media from your designs. And last but not least, you can auto-generate personalized videos and images for your email campaigns and website.

In this documentation

  • Bulk generation – Generate videos and images using a spreadsheet or CSV.
  • Template editor – Create automated and reusable designs using the template editor.
  • No-code integration – Set up automated workflows with support for thousands of apps.
  • API – Integrate with our API to generate videos and images programmatically.
  • JSON to video & image – Create videos and images from a plain text script.
  • Shareable forms – Generate videos and images by forms that can be shared with anyone.
  • Email personalization – Improve campaigns with auto-generated videos for each subscriber.

If you have any questions regarding Creatomate, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear about your use case and help you get started.