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Creatomate helps you auto-generate banners & videos for social media, advertising, e-commerce, personalization, and more through API and no-code automation.
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Design your own reusable templates to eliminate repetitive video creation tasks using the API, Zapier, spreadsheets, and more.
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Create & Automate Videos by API

Generate, automate, and edit videos in the cloud with the Creatomate video editing API. Create video using templates and the online video editor, or automate any video editing task through our SDKs and API available for any programming language.
const Creatomate = require('creatomate');
const client = new Creatomate.Client('Your API key');

await client.render({
  // The ID of the template that you created in the template editor.
  // Read more:
  templateId: '58c1163e-f250-49df-b98d-e8c4aad01a2d',

  // Modifications that you want to apply to the template.
  // Read more:
  modifications: {
    'Title': 'This text is placed in your video',
    'Title.fill_color': '#4980f1',
    'Value': '50%',
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