How to add an image

Click the Insert icon in the toolbar to upload your image, or press the "i" keyboard shortcut. You can also drag and drop your image files directly into the editor.

Image properties

To make the image fit the element's dimensions, use the Fit setting, which can be set to "Cover", "Contain" or "Fill".

Enable automatic cropping of images using Smart Crop.

View all properties that aren't specific to image elements on the element properties page.

Image fit

With the Fit setting, you can select the way the image is scaled to fit the element's dimensions. The default option is "Cover". When set to "Contain", use Alignment to align the image within the bounds of the element.

Smart cropping

The default behaviour of the "Cover" option is to zoom in on the center of the image. This is not always the optimal cropping. By enabling Smart Crop, an edge-detecting algorithm scans the image based on the saturation and details of the image, and crops the image accordingly. Enable smart cropping by setting Fit to "Cover", and Smart Crop to "Enabled".

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