Automate Instagram Reels

With just a spreadsheet, Zapier or Make (Integromat) workflow, or programmatically through the API, you can create your Instagram Reels fully automated. Here's how you can auto-generate your Reels using code or no-code tools.

  • Create Instagram Reels in bulk
  • Create Instagram Reels using no-code tools
  • Create Instagram Reels by API

How to Automate Instagram Reels Creation?

Creatomate is a video automation platform that simplifies the creation of Instagram Reels. Using just a single video template, you can design your Reel once, then insert different text, captions, photos, and video clips, to create many unique videos automatically.

Create an Instagram Reels template

To automate Instagram Reels, start by creating a template. This template serves as the foundation for all your automated videos. Within your template, you can set up placeholder elements that you want to be different from video to video.

While there are many ready-made templates available, you may prefer creating your own designs. You can do this using the online template editor. It provides lots of customization options, enabling you to create video designs that perfectly align with Instagram's style and meet your specific needs.

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Choose your automation method

Once you have a design for your Instagram Reels, you can automate it using the following three methods:

  • The simplest way to auto-generate Instagram Reels is to use a video generation spreadsheet. By importing content like text, images, and video clips from data sources such as product catalogs, AI-generated documents, and CSV files, you can create a batch of videos all at once. Here's a 7-minute tutorial that will help you get started right away.
  • Another option is to use a no-code automation platform, like Zapier or Make (Integromat). With support for over a thousand apps, you can build custom workflows to create, post, and schedule Instagram Reels. Check out this Zapier tutorial or this Make tutorial for step-by-step instructions on setting up these automated processes.
  • For more flexibility, consider using the API. Using your preferred programming language, like Javascript, PHP, Ruby, or Python, you can create Instagram Reels directly from your application or script. Check out this guide or this tutorial for Node.js to get started.

Automatically generate Instagram Reels

Creating Instagram Reels has never been easier. Simply create a video design and pick the automation method that suits you best. For those new to video automation, we recommend starting with the spreadsheet method.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I automatically generate Instagram Reels?

There are three methods to auto-generate Instagram Reels. The easiest way is to use a video generation spreadsheet, enabling you to create videos in bulk. If you're looking for a fully automated workflow, you can use a no-code platform like Zapier or Make (Integromat), or integrate with Creatomate's API through programming languages like Javascript, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

Which types of Instagram Reels can be automated?

You can generate Instagram Reels for a variety of purposes, as long as the design fits within a template. Think about videos to promote eCommerce products, showcase real estate listings, share tips, facts, quotes, or for any other marketing purpose.

What's the best tool to auto-generate Instagram Reels?

We believe Creatomate is the best tool to auto-generate Instagram Reels. Its online editor provides the flexibility to create video designs according to your specific needs. In addition, with three automation methods available, there's always an approach that suits you, regardless of your technical expertise. If you're interested in comparing Creatomate with other video generation tools, refer to this article.

How quickly can I set it up?

Setting up any of the three automation methods is easy and only takes 10 minutes. Our step-by-step tutorials will walk you through it. Start by checking out this spreadsheet tutorial, this Zapier tutorial, this Make (Integromat) tutorial, or this code guide.

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