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Automatically create TikTok videos with code and no-code tools. Make hundreds of TikTok videos using a spreadsheet, Zapier, or programmatically using the API. Leverage video automation with AI, such as ChatGPT, to run your TikTok channel on autopilot.

  • Create TikTok videos in bulk
  • Create TikTok videos using no-code tools
  • Create TikTok videos by API

How to Automatically Create TikTok Videos

To auto-generate TikTok videos, you'll need a video automation API together with a dynamic data source. This source can be anything from a simple spreadsheet, a no-code platform such as Zapier, API integration, or text-generation AI such as ChatGPT. Here's a brief overview of how this works.

Start with a TikTok video template

Whichever approach you take, you'll need a video template first. A template is the appearance of your video, and contains placeholder elements, such as captions, images, and video footage, which should be different with each TikTok video. In the next step, these placeholder elements will be mapped to dynamic data.

In order to get started, there are a number of pre-made video templates available, but it is likely that you will want to create your own video designs. This can be done using the video editor. This online tool allows you to completely edit and customize a TikTok video to your requirements.

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Choose your automation method

Once you have your TikTok video template in place, you can automate it using one of the following methods:

  • The easiest way to get started is using the spreadsheet-to-video approach. Here, you'll input a spreadsheet file to generate hundreds of videos in one go. This can be a manually curated spreadsheet, as well as a spreadsheet generated by ChatGPT. To get started, check out this tutorial.
  • If you want to make the process more automated, you can also use a no-code tool such as Zapier to provide dynamic content for your auto-generated videos. Zapier supports over 5,000 apps, including ChatGPT, Airtable, Google Drive, and RSS. To generate TikTok videos using AI, follow this tutorial.
  • Lastly, it is also possible to programmatically generate TikTok videos using code. You can use any programming language, such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, or Python, to generate tons of videos directly within your own software applications. To get started, refer to this guide.

Automatically generate TikTok videos

Generating TikTok videos is easy with the right tools. You can automate your TikTok channel using whichever approach fits your workflow best. Especially now that ChatGPT API is open to everyone, it's never been easier to fully auto-generate TikTok videos.

If you're not sure which method to choose, try the spreadsheet-to-video approach. It's the easiest way to automate TikTok videos for beginners. We have many step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I automate TikTok videos?

Yes, automating TikTok videos is very easy with Creatomate. Once you have a TikTok video template set up, you can automate that template using unique captions, images, and video footage.

How can I automate TikTok videos?

There are three methods for auto-generating TikTok videos. The simplest approach is to use a video generation spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can opt for a no-code tool like Zapier, or integrate with Creatomate's API using programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

What kind of TikTok videos can be automated?

You can automate almost any TikTok video as long as it fits into a template. The tool can be used to generate in-feed videos, stories, and video ads. Think of entertaining quiz videos, captivating storytelling, eye-catching slideshows, compelling video ads, and so much more.

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up an automated workflow takes less than 10 minutes. To help you get started, we provide a series of practical step-by-step tutorials that cover a wide range of use cases.

What's the best tool for automating TikTok videos?

We believe Creatomate is the most powerful tool for automating TikTok videos. With its online editor, you can make video templates that perfectly match the style you want. It also has a wide range of automation features, making it very accessible to beginners. For more detailed comparisons with other video generation tools, check out this article that compares several video generation tools.

Can I use Creatomate for more than automating TikTok videos?

Yes, definitely! With Creatomate, you can automate any type of video content. This isn't limited to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. For instance, you could also use Creatomate to automate cold outreach and video personalization.

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