Video element

In addition to its common properties, the video element has several properties of its own.

durationmediaIdentical to duration from the common properties, but with the addition that it can be set to media to make the element as long as the source video.
sourcenullThe URL of an video (an mp4) you want to display. If it was uploaded using the template editor, it may also be its internal GUID.
providernullThis optional parameter indicates whether to generate the video using a third-party AI platform (such as Stability AI). Refer to the template editor for details on setting up a provider.
trim_startnullTrims the source video to begin at the specified time (in seconds) rather than at the beginning.
trim_durationnullTrims the source video so that it stops playing after the specified duration (in seconds) rather than at the end of the source video.
loopfalseWhen set to true, the video starts over when it reaches the end. This property cannot be used in conjunction with the trim_start and trim_duration properties.
volume100%Adjusts the volume from 0% to 100%. Set it to 0% to mute the video.
audio_fade_innullFades in the volume for the specified duration (in seconds) at the beginning of the video clip.
audio_fade_outnullFades out the volume for the specified duration (in seconds) at the end of the video clip.
fitcoverThis property specifies how the video should be resized to fit the element. It can be set to cover, contain, or fill.

Check out the template editor's documentation on the video element as well.

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