Feed mapping

The data from a feed is mapped to a template through a feed mapping. Simply put, it specifies which columns correspond to which elements in the template, so that Creatomate can insert data from your feed into a template.

As shown in the quick start guide, whenever you create a feed from a template, it gets automatically structured and mapped, based on the dynamic elements in that template.

Change the feed mapping

In order to change the feed mapping, go to a feed and click one of its dynamic elements (outlined in orange) in the right-side preview, then click any column to choose how the data should be mapped.

Custom matching rules

As this is an advanced feature, you probably don't need it unless you're creating highly-dynamic videos where you want to go beyond simply replacing text or images.

As a default, when you map a column and element, it depends on the element type how data from the feed is used. For instance, when you connect an image to a column, it assumes that you are providing a URL to an image. If you want to replace a different element property instead, you can use a custom matching rule.

You can create a custom matching rule by choosing "Custom" while mapping a column to an element, then typing the property name you wish to replace. For instance, to replace the background color of a text element, type "background_color".

You can even edit the keyframe values of a property. For instance, you can use the matching rule "background_color.0.value" to map the first keyframe of the background_color property. For more information on this, you can consult the JSON format documentation and use the source editor.

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