Batch Video Editing

Automatically edit hundreds, or even thousands, of short-form videos for social media and marketing in just minutes. Video automation helps by adding overlays, stitching, resizing, and generating brand-new video content from dynamic data.

  • Scale video production
  • Use a spreadsheet or CSV file
  • No technical or coding skills needed

How to Edit Videos in Batches?

Creatomate streamlines this process in just a few simple steps. Start by creating a reusable video design. Then, apply edits to multiple videos all at once using a spreadsheet or CSV. Here's how:

Create a video template

Batch video editing begins with a video template, serving as a blueprint for all your videos. Within this template, you can specify which video editing operations should be performed (watermarking, trimming, cropping, etc.). You can also define placeholder elements, such as text and media, that can be replaced with different content.

While there are ready-made templates available, you may prefer to create your own designs. You can do this in the online template editor, which provides all the tools you need to create and edit videos according to your needs.

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Set up a spreadsheet

Once you have a template in place, the next step is to prepare a spreadsheet. Here, you can upload video clips for editing, import a CSV file, or add text and images to generate fresh video content.

Then, with just the push of a button, Creatomate handles the creation and editing of your videos - all at once. After just a few minutes, your videos are ready to download, and you can use them as needed.

Batch edit your videos

That is, in a nutshell, how to create and edit videos in batches. Easy, right? To help you get started, here's a quick tutorial with detailed instructions.

For more inspiration and useful tips on batch video editing, here are some additional tutorials you might find interesting:

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Alternatively, instead of sticking to the spreadsheet method, consider building a fully automated workflow for video creation and editing. The easiest route is through no-code platforms like Zapier or Make. For those with coding expertise or a developer on your team, leveraging the API is also a viable option.

Frequently asked questions

What is batch video editing?

Batch video editing is the process of using video automation software to efficiently create or edit multiple videos simultaneously. While this may sound technical, it's surprisingly straightforward and doesn't require any specialized skills. Simply design your video once, and then use a spreadsheet to upload video clips, import a CSV file, or input text and images. Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

What are the benefits of batch video editing?

The key benefit of editing videos in batches is efficiency. The once tedious and repetitive tasks involved in manually creating and editing a large number of videos are now replaced by automation. This results in significant time and cost savings, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

What kind of videos can I edit in batches?

Batch video editing is well-suited to producing short-form videos for social media and other marketing purposes. It's because these videos typically follow a similar design, differing only in content. Simply put, as long as the design fits within a template, any type of video can be created in bulk.

How long does it take to batch edit videos?

Start by designing a video template and preparing a spreadsheet; this initial setup typically takes as little as 15 minutes. After that, the automation process comes into play. The duration of this step is generally only a few minutes, and it varies based on the number and length of videos you intend to create.

How much does batch video editing cost?

When compared to manually producing videos, batch generation is an affordable and efficient solution for generating and editing dozens of videos quickly. For example, for just $49, you can create over 500 videos, about 15 seconds each, at 720p and 25 FPS. Check out our pricing page for more information.

What's the best tool for batch video editing?

In our view, Creatomate stands out as the top choice for batch video editing. It includes an advanced template editor, empowering you to create professional video designs. With its built-in spreadsheet feature, you can efficiently generate numerous videos in one go. As an added bonus, Creatomate offers Zapier integration and an API, ensuring it remains a future-proof solution as your automation needs grow.

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