Automate Instagram Stories, Reels, and Ads

Make your Instagram video creation more efficient by automating your Stories, Reels, or Ads. Especially for people who make IG videos regularly, video automation can save a ton of time or even automate the entire process.

Here's how to set up your own Instagram video automation within minutes, covering the most popular methods:

  • Bulk-create Instagram video by spreadsheet
  • Create Instagram videos by API
  • Auto-generate Instagram videos

How to Automatically Create Instagram Videos

There are several methods for automating Instagram videos, ranging from partially automated to fully automated. Here's a brief overview of how the process works. We'll also guide you to the corresponding tutorials to get started:

Start with an Instagram video template

The first step in Instagram automation is to create a video template. This is the design and concept for your video. A template is simply a placeholder video that can be populated with content through an automated workflow.

You need the right template format depending on whether you're automating Reels, Stories, or Ads. All Stories are vertical (9:16). Ads and Reels can both have multiple aspect ratios. Here's where a responsive template helps; it lets you generate videos in multiple resolutions based on the same template.

There are several pre-made Instagram video templates available, but you can also make your own from scratch by using the template editor.

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Set up an automated workflow

Once the video template is created, it can be used as part of an automated workflow. The automated workflow inserts unique content into the template so that each video is generated differently. The following options are available:

  • The easiest way to create Instagram videos is to bulk-create them by importing them from a spreadsheet (such as Google Sheets or CSV files), or by using the form-to-video tool. As you enter data, it will automatically be mapped to the video template you created in step 1. This is for you if you want to make Instagram videos in bulk but don't want the process to be fully automated.
  • With a no-code platform like or, you can automate this even further. With more than 5,000 apps supported, you can create any type of no-code automated workflow using the apps you are already familiar with.
  • Lastly, you can automate your Instagram videos using the API. Since it lets you create Instagram videos with code, this is the most flexible way to make them. This method, however, require a basic understanding of coding languages (like JavaScript, PHP, or Python).

Start generating Instagram videos automatically

Having a template and automated workflow in place, it can run on its own. It is possible, for example, to set up a workflow that auto-generates and auto-posts Instagram Reels based on any automatic event. This event can be real-time or triggered by the entry of data into a spreadsheet or form. The Tutorials & Guides page has quick-start articles for almost any scenario.

If you're not sure what method to choose, try bulk generation first. After that, you can further automate the workflow (like posting the videos to Instagram automatically as well) using the code or no-code approaches.

Want to try it yourself? Start with this 7-minute tutorial:

Frequently asked questions

How can I automate Instagram videos?

Instagram videos can be automated using bulk-generation, code, or no-code video automation. It allows you to generate Instagram Stories, Reels, or Ads, based on a simple spreadsheet or form. Alternatively, you can set up totally automated workflows using a no-code platform like, that auto-create and auto-post videos to Instagram in response to real-time events.

What are the benefits of automating Instagram video?

The process of consistently creating and posting Instagram videos is time-consuming, so automating it saves you considerable time in the long run. In addition, it'll keep your social media videos consistent with the brand as well as prevent human error. Also, it works with every other social media platform in addition to Instagram, so you can streamline your whole social media outreach.

What kind of Instagram videos can be automated?

Almost any type of video can be automated, whether they are Instagram Stories, Reels, or advertisements. If the video can be designed as a reusable template, it is straightforward to set up a workflow for creating videos using existing content (such as spreadsheets, blog posts, and quotes). Additionally, Creatomate's video template editor allows you to create your own Instagram template in an intuitive manner.

How long does it take to set up?

An automated scenario can be set up in less than 10 minutes using a platform such as (formerly known as Integromat). Below the page are several guides that will guide you step-by-step through the process.

Who is Instagram automation intended for?

Using Instagram automation is particularly beneficial for people and businesses that want to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, but do not have a business that completely revolves around social media. The use of video automation allows them to leverage Instagram marketing without making it a full-time job. In addition, they can set it up themselves and don't have to hire a marketing team to manage it.

What's the best tool for automating social media video?

As Creatomate provides all of the video generation tools you need in one place, it's the leading tool for automating Instagram videos. The product lets you create your own Story, Reel, and Ad templates, then automate them using dozens of integrations and automation tools.

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