Create Prospecting Videos by API

Automate your cold outreach with auto-generated prospecting videos by API. Create videos in bulk using your prospects' names or websites to generate personalized videos for each prospect. Make thousands of videos using any automation method, whether it's a no-code tool like Zapier, or a coding language like Node.js, PHP, Ruby, or Python.
  • Create videos for each prospect
  • Generate personalized videos for sales outreach
  • Create prospecting videos at scale

How to Generate Prospecting Videos by API

Let's say we want to send a personalized sales outreach video to a list of prospects. For a great first impression, we're making a video that includes a personalized text or image, so that it appears that we have recorded a video specifically for that prospect.
In reality, we only create a single template video, and it is automatically customized based on any dynamic data. This can be as simple as inserting the prospect's name or a screenshot of their website.

Start with a prospecting video template

To begin, we create a template that defines our video's layout. There are a number of pre-made prospecting templates you can use, but you can also design your own video template in the editor.

For the best results, add a recording where you explain what you're selling or what service you're offering. This only needs to be done once as the recording can now be used in all of your future videos. Then, upload the recording to the video editor and insert dynamic placeholders that you want to be personalized for each video.

curl -s -X POST \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer Your-API-Key' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-binary @- << EOF
  "template_id": "Your Prospecting Video Template ID",
  "modifications": {
    "Name": "Rebecca",
    "Image": "",

Generate prospecting videos using the API

We can then use the video API to generate unique videos for each prospect. The API can be invoked by any programming language or no-code tool such as Zapier. Here, we're invoking the API with cURL.

Using our prospecting template as a base, we simply call the REST API while specifying the template ID and dynamic values. As you can see, we're inserting the prospect's name and a custom image. Running this example will return a URL to our generated video.

Create thousands of prospecting videos

It's that simple. You can imagine that the above command can be fully automated through the use of a script or a no-code workflow, which can be set up to generate hundreds or thousands of videos completely automatically.

If you don't need a fully automated workflow, you can also produce prospecting videos using a simple spreadsheet or form.
These methods do not require API integration, so be sure to check out those tutorials as well.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a prospecting video using an API?

First, create a prospecting template in the online editor, which will serve as the basis for all your videos. Then, you can insert any relevant information you have on your prospects by invoking the video generation API via Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python or no-code tools like Zapier.

What kind of prospecting videos can be automated?

You can automate any kind of prospecting video. With the online editor, you can design your own templates based on your specific needs and the data you have available about your prospects.

How long does it take to set up?

An automated workflow can be set up in less than 10 minutes using a platform such as Zapier. Further down this page, there are several tutorials that will guide you through the process step-by-step.

What's the best API for prospecting videos?

We believe Creatomate is the most comprehensive and cost-effective video generation API available to create prospecting videos. A big advantage of our product is that you can automate everything yourself without relying on someone to set it up. Thanks to our tutorials and guides, you'll be able to get started quickly with lots of different apps and use cases.

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