Automate Video Ads

Automatically create video content for your advertising campaigns using code and no-code tools. With just a spreadsheet, Zapier workflow, or even programmatically through the API, you can generate hundreds of MP4s and GIFs for social media ads, display ads, or native ads.

  • Create video ads in bulk
  • Auto-generate video ads using no-code tools
  • Create video ads by API

How to Automate Video Ads?

Video automation simplifies the creation of video ads by using templates and dynamic data. With a single video design, you can produce limitless variations by inserting different text, images, and video clips for each advertisement. Here's a brief overview of how it works:

Create a video ad template

To automate video ads, start by creating a template for the video ad. Within this template, you can assign placeholder elements such as text and media. In the next step, we'll set up an automated workflow that lets you replace these placeholders with different copy for each video ad.

Whether you're making video ads for social media or websites, there are ready-made templates you can use. However, you can also create your own video designs using the template editor. It offers lots of customization options to perfectly match your brand's style and meet your specific needs.

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Choose your automation method

Once your template is ready, choose one of the following three automation methods:

  • The easiest way to auto-generate video ads is by using a spreadsheet. This approach allows you to import titles, prices, product images, and video clips from various data sources, such as a product catalog or a CSV file. It's the perfect solution for creating lots of video ads in one go, making it ideal for preparing content for an upcoming advertising campaign. To get started, check out this 7-minute tutorial.
  • Another option is to use Zapier, a no-code automation platform. With Zapier, you can build custom automated workflows by connecting over 5000 apps, including Creatomate. As a starting point, explore this tutorial that will guide you in setting up a tailored workflow to meet your specific needs.
  • Alternatively, using the API offers the most flexible approach to video ad creation. If you or someone on your team is a developer, you can easily generate a large number of video ads directly from your software applications using JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, or Python. Get started in minutes by checking out this guide.

Automatically generate video ads

It's that simple! Whether you wish to create video ads for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or display them on websites, there's always an automated solution that will suit your needs. For those new to video automation, we recommend starting with the spreadsheet method.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you automate video ads creation?

Definitely! All it takes is a video automation platform like Creatomate. The steps are straightforward: begin by creating a template, then use a spreadsheet, Zapier workflow, or API integration to produce multiple variations of your ad design.

How can I automate video ads generation?

You have three methods to choose from. The easiest approach involves using a video generation spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can set up an automated workflow using a no-code automation platform like Zapier. Lastly, you can integrate with the API using programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

What kinds of video ads can I create?

As long as your design fits into a template, you can automatically generate a wide range of video ads. It's often used to promote products on social media.

How long does it take to set up?

You can have any of the three automation methods up and running within 10 minutes. Our step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the process. To begin, explore this spreadsheet tutorial, this Zapier tutorial, or this code guide.

Which tool is best for automating video ads?

In our view, Creatomate stands out as one of the best tools for automatically creating video ads. Its template editor offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create video designs that perfectly suit your specific needs. What's more, Creatomate provides both code-based and no-code automation options, making it ideal for developers and marketers alike. If you're interested in comparing Creatomate with other video generation tools in the market, refer to this article.

Can I use Creatomate for more than automating video ads?

Absolutely! Creatomate is a video and image automation platform that helps you auto-generate videos, images, and banners for various marketing purposes, such as social media, eCommerce, advertising, personalization, and more. To get an idea of what's possible, check out our step-by-step tutorials and get started in minutes.

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