Auto-Generate Subtitles for YouTube Shorts by API

Automatically transcribe videos and generate animated captions for your YouTube Shorts, using no-code automation (Zapier, Make/Integromat, etc), or API integration. Create workflows to automate repetitive tasks, such as generating subtitles – entirely hands-free.

  • Auto-transcribe YouTube Shorts
  • Generate animated, word-by-word captions
  • Highly accurate transcription

How to Add Captions to YouTube Shorts Automatically?

To automatically generate captions for your YouTube Shorts, start by creating an automation template in Creatomate. In the video editor, you can customize the template to fit your needs. Next, you can use this template with your automated workflows, such as Zapier or scripts.

Create a video template

The first step in automating YouTube captions is by creating a video template, which is the blueprint of the videos you want to generate. A template is fully customizable using the online video editor. This allows you to adjust the caption style, position, and animation.

A template doesn't have to be complicated; it can be as simple as a single video clip with auto-transcription enabled. However, Creatomate goes beyond just adding subtitles to your YouTube Shorts. If you like to automate more complex video editing tasks, you can do so too. You can include outros, overlays, merge clips, and so much more. Be sure to try the video editor to see what's possible – it runs in your browser without any installation required.

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Set up an automated workflow

Once you've created a video template, you can automate your YouTube Shorts using any of the provided automation methods. The easiest way is to use a no-code automation platform such as Zapier, Make (Integromat), or Pabbly. With over 5000 apps supported, you will be able to create your own no-code workflows using applications that you are already familiar with. Follow this guide to learn how to do that with Zapier. Would you prefer a different no-code solution? The principles are the same for any of the other no-code methods.

Alternatively, if you have coding skills or have a developer on your team, you can also use the API to add subtitles to YouTube Shorts. Check out this guide to get started.

Automatically add subtitles to YouTube Shorts

Once your automated workflow has been set up, you will never need to manually transcribe your videos again. Making use of the flexibility of Zapier and code, you can set up an automated workflow that completely streamlines the creation of short-form clips for YouTube.

For instance, you could create a workflow that takes a longer video, cuts it to specific timestamps, automatically transcribes the video, adds an outro and watermark, and posts it automatically to YouTube.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I automatically add subtitles to my YouTube Shorts?

Yes, it is straightforward to add captions to YouTube Shorts, either through a no-code method or a code-based approach. It involves creating a subtitle style template in the video editor and then using a no-code platform such as Zapier or Make, or API integration, to set up an automated workflow.

What subtitle styles can I use for my YouTube Shorts?

Any of the most popular subtitle styles, such as those seen on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, are supported. It is possible to completely customize your subtitles by using animations, effects, colors, and more.

Which YouTube Shorts are best for automatic subtitles?

Any YouTube Short that contains spoken content, such as podcast clips, interviews, or explainer videos, has to have subtitles. Subtitles provide more than just a means of comprehending spoken words. They are also an effective and proven means of retaining the attention of viewers. If you share YouTube Shorts a lot, automating the process can help you focus on what's most important.

How accurate are the auto-generated subtitles?

Creatomate generates subtitles using sophisticated speech-to-text AI. This results in captions that are highly accurate. Therefore, the subtitles do not need to be reviewed and edited as part of the workflow, making the entire process fully automated.

How quickly can I get started?

A template can be created in a matter of minutes. Setting up an automated workflow with Zapier, Make, or the API takes around 15 minutes. For detailed instructions, refer to this step-by-step Zapier tutorial.

Which tool is best for adding subtitles to YouTube Shorts automatically?

Creatomate has everything you need to automate YouTube Short production, including auto-transcription. It has an online video editor that lets you create short-form templates that fit your needs exactly. We also offer video automation integrations using Zapier, Make, spreadsheet automation, or using a programming language. You can try all of these features for free within a few minutes, making it an ideal solution for both marketers and developers.

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